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The Hearts of Darkness : The Vernal Eclipses of 2015

About Astrology and what it can do for you.
The idea that makes astrology work is reflection. Each part of a greater whole reflects the pattern of the whole which contains it. Sounds fairly reasonable and holograms are like that. Break off a piece and you can project the whole thing from the piece. Scientific studies have shown that planetary influences imprint on living things like responses to the tides and phases of the Moon. Interesting but not critical. Astrology works because whatever comes into existence or takes form at a given time reflects the pattern of the larger system at that place and time. Its existence is an unfolding of that pattern. Thatís why one can take the time for a question and tell you what ails you, if the information youíre getting is the truth, if the house is sound and priced fairly, or where to look for that ring I lost. All from the chart for the time you ask your question. It can be used for other things but this is probably the most practical use. I use it for medical evaluations to back up and clarify the diagnoses of health care professionals and to answer a wide range of questions that my clients and friends ask. The next time that you have an important question, one that would be worth getting an answer to, consider asking your astrologer. And, of course you could always ask me.




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